I’m a musician and a sound designer at Planet Sound Lab Studio, a recording, mixing and mastering facility run by Umberto Cimino, a professional sound engineer with more than three decades of experience in the industry.

I recorded these Diezel® VH4 Kemper profiles of my own rig (I own both the amp and the cab profiled) there at the studio in order to capture its sound in a more practical format for the everyday studio needs.
The goal was to capture the amazing and powerful raw tones of my Diezel® VH4 silverface head in the best possible conditions, so me along with the studio engineer dialed the amp, chose the best spot for the cab (a great sounding Mesa/Boogie® Stiletto 2×12″ closed-back), miced it and started a very long profiling session which resulted in the the selection of profiles you can purchase on this website.

The achieved results were truly amazing compared to the real rig, both regarding tone and feeling, so I then decided to make the whole selection available for purchase, including the Direct profiles (meaning without the cab in the signal chain, so they can be used with any other cabinet impulse response you like), the Studio profiles (full chain, with Mesa) and the Merged profiles (DI amp + cab) ones.
I’m not starting a profile-making business, in case you’re wondering; there are a lot of good ones out there already. These profiles were created for a very specific purpose and then made available for those who are looking for these particular tones in their productions.

Oh, and btw…If you’re looking for a full 100% Diezel® experience, I STRONGLY advice to get one of their amps; they’re not just amps: they’re pure works of art, carefully crafted by Peter himself and the small Diezel family.
Seriously, you won’t regret it.



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