Diezel VH4 Fractal ToneMatch Preset Bundles

Diezel VH4

Fractal presets

What you get…

  • 12 preset bundles¬†for Fractal AX8 / AxeFx II XL+ / AxeFx II XL / AxeFx II with latest Ares firmware
  • Accurately Tone Matched to the original tones and the KPA profiles
  • Including dedicated Proprietary IRs (one for every single preset) that store a multi-stage process involving tone matching, convolution and refining for an exceptional result that sounds and feel like the real deal
  • All 4 channels of the VH4 amp available
  • Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30
  • Microphone: Shure SM57

Audio samples

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DZL VH4 Fractal Audio Preset Pack (for AX8 and AxeFX II)
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